About Zephyr Enterprise

Zephyr Enterprise is a test management platform that’s perfect for departments with mature processes and that run a number of projects alongside very structured testing cycles, plus a lot of automated and/or manual testing. For best-in-class integration with JIRA and various test tools. Foster collaboration and gain real-time visibility in your organisation with a real-time solution that transforms how development and QA teams of all sizes work and collaborate to release higher quality software on time.

Intuitive User Interface

  • The responsive user interface shows all the information you need as you need it for easy access to most functions, reducing the number of clicks, refreshes and navigations to speed up the time your team spends
  • Speeds up the time the team spends on jobs

Live Trends and Metrics

  • Real-time metrics are constantly updated to provide the latest software quality status as your team continues with its testing tasks
  • Long-term trends aid in the planning process

Collaborative Testing

  • With all your testing assets in one place, you can repurpose and reuse to save time and increase productivity
  • No matter where your team is, you can get them to collaborate in real-time without leaving the interface exchanging data and coordinating testing activities

Mobile Executions

  • Execute tests from your mobile using the responsive web apps on browsers, iOS and Android
  • The Zephyr Server is constantly updating in real-time ensuring dashboards and metrics provide the latest quality status

Best-in-class Integrations

  • Connect to numerous systems – from JIRA, Agile, Confluence, Bugzilla, automation tools, CI tools or home-grown systems – with integrations, SOAP and REST APIs, ZBots and ZIPS


Video Webinar: Infusing Automated Testing in a Manual Organization More

Latest news about Zephyr

27 July 2016

CIOReview India features Zephyr Executive

CIOReview India, a leading technology magazine that discusses game-changing enterprise solutions has featured an interview with Sanjay Zalavadia, VP of Client Services of Zephyr, as the cover story. In this interview, Sanjay explores how Zephyr supports software quality initiatives and allows project teams to add testing to all aspects of their software release. Read more

25 July 2016

AgileTailblazers and Zephyr Partner to Accelerate Agile Testing

Atlanta—July 25, 2016—AgileTrailblazers, a leading provider of continuous business value delivery, and Zephyr, the industry’s fastest growing provider of real-time test management software, announced their partnership today at the Agile2016 conference, to help project teams drive down costs, gain real-time visibility and release higher quality software through the use of lean and agile principles. Read more

18 July 2016

Zephyr powers test management for 9000 countries across 100 countries

Newark, CA –June 18, 2016—Zephyr, the industry’s fastest growing provider of real-time test management software, today announced the celebration of their 9000th customer, doubling their customer base in just one year. This impressive milestone demonstrates Zephyr’s commitment to helping companies simplify software testing, drive down costs and release higher quality software on-time. Read more

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