About StormRunner Load

Simple. Smart. Scalable. StormRunner Load gives you the tools to create valuable and viable performance tests in minutes, and execute them at a global scale - giving you the metrics you need to accurately analyse your system performance.


  • Designed to get you testing as quickly as possible, StormRunner Load is SaaS-based meaning a near-instant start with no additional infrastructure required. Tests can be created from a REST call, a HAR file, an existing LoadRunner script or even from a CSV file

Predictive Analytics

  • With a powerful analytics engine, StormRunner Load can detect problems in real time. You no longer have to analyse the results at the end of the test run. StormRunner Load provides a comprehensive report broken down into Client, Network and Server-side sections for a complete view of your web or mobile performance. With more than 20 analytical charts and graphs, you'll know exactly what's going on with your web or mobile application

Scalable and Global

  • One user or one million? StormRunner Load will scale on demand to meet your testing needs, while also generating load from all over the world and even mobile users

Intuitive Interface

  • With a modern intuitive interface, StormRunner Load makes writing, running and understanding performance test scripts much easier


  • StormRunner Load's licensing is simple – you pay for what you use!

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Latest news about StormRunner Load

27 July 2016

Get enterprise-ready performance testing with StormRunner Load 2.0

Hewlett Packard Enterprise StormRunner Load 2.0, cloud load testing software, has just been released.  Although it may be a small step for us at HPE, it has been a giant step for Enterprise Performance Testing.  

Born almost two years ago, and with release cycles every two months, StormRunner Load has emerged as a leading cloud performance testing solution.   Read more

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