About Service Virtualization

For faster delivery and higher quality, HPE’s Service Virtualization software removes the development and testing ‘wait time’ that can slow the delivery of applications. Your teams will easily be able to create realistic simulations of service behaviour so you can stay on schedule, no matter what. So instead of focusing on constraints in your resources, you can focus on service quality such as performance, reliability and scalability instead. It’s also packed with benefits for all stakeholders.

Design Studio

  • Even when you can’t develop or test the real versions of applications, dependent systems and services, you can keep your development and testing schedule on track by creating simulations of application behaviour

Wizard-built Models

  • Use step-by-step wizards to model the functional network and performance behaviour of your virtual services
  • Removes the need for expert developers or coding to create virtual versions of services that behave as if they’re in production

Support for Multiple Technologies

  • Test everything from the latest web service to a legacy systems by creating simulations that incorporate a range of message formats, transport types and ERP application protocols

Dynamic Changes

  • Easily modify data, network and performance models
  • No need to reprogram to accommodate changes in test conditions and performance needs

Web-based Management Interface

  • Support for user roles, profiles and access control lists means you can manage from anywhere
  • Publish virtual versions of real application components and services on a shareable platform for use across teams


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