About Mobile Center

HPE Mobile Center is an integrated software development testing suite that helps organisations rapidly build, test and deliver high-quality mobile applications – a single gateway to help you redefine the mobile experience by delivering a predictable and repeatable mechanism for mobile testing, monitoring and improving any mobile app throughout its lifecycle using real-devices and emulators.

Structured Manual Testing

  • Explore the app with a user mindset, report back on defects, provide design feedback and later convert your manual mobile testing into automated testing

Test Automation

  • Increase mobile automated testing coverage and speed with object-based automation, easy maintenance and smart reports with HPE UFT or LeanFT

Mobile Performance Optimisation

  • Gives you an accurate picture of the end-to-end mobile performance
  • Combine virtual users and real devices and run realistic tests from different locations across real-world network conditions

End-to-End Mobile Secruity

  • Find vulnerabilities across the client, network and server by assessing the security of your source code, binaries and mobile app

Live Monitoring

  • By proactively monitoring your app from multiple geographies on a real device, you can protect your organisation’s reputation by identifying issues before your customers
  • Leverage in-app analytics with actionable insights to improve test effectiveness


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