About LoadRunner

More than 10,000 customers worldwide use LoadRunner for accurate application performance information. It’s fast, easy to use, reliable, affordable and comprehensive, with all you need to test the performance of different application types. And the latest version (v.12.53) is packed with features to support testing in Digital Transformation, Agile and DevOps environments, interface with popular third-party solutions and improve the usability and efficiency of performance testing to help organisations increase productivity and speed up their time to market.

Interactive User Transaction Simulation

  • Reduce the time and skill required to simulate user transactions in load testing of Web 2.0 and mobile web apps faster, easier and more comprehensive

Supports a Range of Apps

  • You can test a whole range of apps including HTML 5, Java, Silverlight, ERP, Ajax and more 

Mobile Testing

  • Measure device level, network and back-end performance

Cloud Testing

  • Simulate the demands of business apps by scaling website load testing up and down

Continuous Testing

  • For continuous testing, integrate load testing into IDE, jUnit, nUnit, Jenkins, Selenium and Microsoft Visual Studio


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