About LeanFT

LeanFT is a functional test automation solution designed specifically for continuous integration and continuous testing which integrates seamlessly with the standard development IDEs and provides powerful automation API and tools. One user said “The most valuable features are the ability to customize if needed and to integrate with ALM. The ability to implement with Jenkins for DevOps is also a valuable feature. We have technologies from 20 years old to brand new. LeanFT is so great because it can support all those technologies, even the older ones”.

Robust and Stable Tests

  • Build robust and stable tests that deal well with changes in the AUT

Agile Collaboration

  • Create your tests in a standard and modern dev environment that’s supported in the dev and QA ecosystem

IDE Integration

  • Develop testing scripts using modern object-oriented programming language such as Java

Multiple IDE Compatibility

  • Use the same tool for development and testing and encourage dev-QA collaboration in Agile teams
  • LeanFT features functional testing capabilities in Visual Studio, Eclipse or IntelliJ so you can maximise productivity with the tools you’re familiar with

Comprehensive Reporting

  • LeanFT provides an easy-to-understand HTML report that details the test execution flow and tracks failures along the way


Other tools that work with LeanFT

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