About Confluence

A powerful tool for teamwork, Confluence can help you collaborate your way – create, discuss, centralise and organise. Its powerful editor lets you create meeting notes, product requirements and knowledge-based articles on the web so everyone can contribute. Add inline and pinned comments to give feedback on any Confluence page. Centralise all the information that’s scattered around email inboxes and apps all in one place. And give every project, team or department its own place to store work for an organised and accessible way of working.

File Collaboration

  • Give feedback directly on files such as images, PDFs, spreadsheets and presentations in Confluence
  • Confluence automatically keeps track of versions so you’re always working on the latest 

Syncs Between Mobile and Desktop

  • Work from anywhere – track your team’s activity, give feedback and stay in sync between mobile and desktop
  • Push notifications and get notified instantly of shares, @mentions, comments and tasks. View activity, find work and take action

Best-practice Templates

  • Free yourself from formatting by using best-practice pages to get you up and running fast

User and Content Permissions

  • Granular permissions give you complete control over your site’s security

JIRA Integration

  • Connect to JIRA for insight into your development work with automatic linking, quick issue creation and reports in Confluence


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Latest news about Confluence

2 September 2016

6 Ways to Create an Amazing Agile Team

This is a guest post written by Kat Boogard, a writer for Toggl who covers a little bit of everything — but places most of her focus on career, communication, and self-development topics. So, you want to be an amazing agile team. Who can blame you? It’s human nature to want to build something awesome, especially when your team is just starting to take shape. Read more

1 September 2016

How I escaped work silos with Confluence

Before I joined Atlassian, much of my professional life had taken place in corporate environments where work and communications were compartmentalized into neat, but stifling silos. It was rare to experience spontaneous, cross-functional creativity or be privy to a range of ideas in development. Exposure to the inner workings of other teams was limited to what had been sanitized and prepped to share with wider audiences. What do work silos look like? Read more

1 August 2016

A new way to use Confluence: employee training

Confluence allows you to create and organize any kind of content, like training material. Having everything within your company’s own space allows you to customize this content to your team’s needs and make any necessary adjustments as things change. Here are some ways to make training a success in your company… Read more

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