About Chef

Chef automates your infrastructure by defining it as code, allowing you to quickly provision, manage, scale and adapt your infrastructure. The infrastructure code can be treated in the same way as your application code, becoming versionable, human-readable, reusable and testable. Chef can be used to manage servers in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment. You can choose to use the hosted Chef server or host it yourself. The Chef Automate platform provides additional compliance, workflow and visibility features along with 24/7 support.

Infrastructure as Code

  • Irrespective of the number of servers in your enterprise, Chef is an Open Source software agent that automates your infrastructure by turning it into code
  • This implements a core practice of DevOps – ‘Infrastructure as Code’. This allows the infrastructure to become dynamic, versionable, human-readable and testable, simplifying and automating provisioning, managing and adapting your infrastructure in response to ever-changing needs


  • In an enterprise environment, there are always compliance and security aspects which needs to be addressed continually
  • Write your own custom compliance rules in InSpec or get started quickly by using built-in profiles – predefined rule sets for a variety of security frameworks


  • Continuous Delivery is a core principle of DevOps – something which Chef Workflow helps achieve. Workflow provides a continuous deployment pipeline for infrastructure and applications
  • Its full-stack approach – where infrastructure changes are delivered in tandem with application changes – means safe deployment at high velocity. This incorporates the best practices of Continuous Delivery for both infrastructure and application-specific changes


  • Dashboards play an important role to provide insights into the system. Gain insight into operational, compliance and workflow events.
  • A query language – available through the user interface and customisable dashboards – gives you easy insight into your network and development processes


  • Automation is the heart of the modern software supply chain. Chef Automate is the one platform that brings end-to-end visibility, compliance and a unified workflow to your organisation’s infrastructure and application pipelines
  • Chef Automate is essentially a bundle of several existing products – Chef, Workflow, Compliance and Habitat – with integration of their status feeds in order to power a new dashboard


Other tools that work with Chef

Latest news about Chef

8 July 2018

Chef expands its horizons

In May, I attended the Chef Conference (‘ChefConf’) in Chicago during which there were exciting announcements describing how Chef is focusing on more than just infrastructure and compliance and bringing automation to applications and the entire software delivery lifecycle. More

3 April 2018

Using Inspec to Validate Infrastructure

So, here we were, at one of the bigger financial corporations in New Zealand, working on an elaborate infrastructure built on Docker containers. It had configurations, SSL certificates, DNS entries and all the other condiments required to spice up a tasty infrastructure curry. Read more

3 April 2018

Announcing Chef 14: A Friendlier, Easier Chef

Today we’re thrilled to announce the release of Chef 14, the fastest and easiest to use Chef version yet. With nearly 30 new resources added since Chef 13, you can quickly get started using Chef for all of your infrastructure automation tasks immediately. Read report

13 June 2017

ChefConf 2017 marks launch of new updates

The annual ChefConf was held in Austin, USA from 22-24 May and, along with fantastic tech presentations, keynotes and workshops, Chef announced a slew of new updates including the following…

The Chef Automate package, built on the company’s widely used open source, self-named IT automation software, now includes capabilities for security and compliance checking, as well as the ability to further automate the process of assembling and updating container-based applications. Read more

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