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Move away from one-off manual testing and ad hoc functional automated testing to an architected approach with a library of reusable test components. This integrated test framework approach speeds your move to component-based testing which allows you to create a repository of reusable test modules that can be updated, then propagated across your Agile teams to all affected tests. Your tests will be more readable, more efficient to maintain and reduce – or even eliminate – test sprawl. Testing teams can also more quickly identify new candidates for automation.

Reusable Functional Testing Components

  • For quick creation and management of a shareable library of reusable test components

Auto Documentation

  • Get new testers up to speed quickly with auto documentation

Fast Test Automation at Quality

  • Say goodbye to the need to create and maintain a custom test framework

A Range of Extended Capabilities

  • BPT’s extended capabilities allow you to create and update tests for SAP and Oracle

Auto Publishing

  • Auto publish manual tests as components from Sprinter and automated components from UFT


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Latest news about BPT

25 August 2016

Testing by banking experts

Migros Bank AG's applications must run without any disruption at all times because a single error would impact customer confidence. Migros implemented automated testing in a new test framework and has not experienced any serious software failures since. Read more

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