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Delivering quality products and services to customers at speed is what keeps you competitive in the Digital Age.

Technologies can help your teams overcome many of the challenges they face in this new world. Through our extensive partnerships, we offer technology solutions that strengthen, simplify and speed up your IT capability journey across every aspect of delivery.

Our solutions span consulting, licensing, education, maintenance, installation, configuration and hosting options. And they’re delivered by Assurity practitioners with the experience of using them in Agile, BA, Testing, DevOps and innovation engagements. We don’t just sell tools. We walk the tech.

What do you need to do?

Achieving quality across a complex array of operating systems, devices and channels that make up today’s super­-connected, digital world places greater demands on delivery than ever before. We help you meet those demands, no matter whether you’re delivering an SAP project in a legacy environment or releasing your first native mobile application

Assurity partners with Pivotal

Assurity Consulting today announced that it has launched its Pivotal Cloud Foundry® practice. By bringing together its Digital Advisory, DevOps, Agile, Lean BA and Testing delivery capabilities, Assurity now offers a range of innovative products and solutions that help organisations achieve digital transformation through delivery. As an Advanced Partner in the Pivotal Ready Partner Program, Assurity will use Pivotal Cloud Foundry as the technical platform for Lean startup, innovation hubs and internal innovation teams. Government and enterprise clients that engage Assurity will be able to take their ideas from MVP through Alpha and Beta builds and transition to live in a scalable way without rework. Read more

How can we help?

We’re not just here to sell you the technology. We provide a range of services for every technology we sell – from licensing to training…


Getting value out of technologies starts with providing the right licences at the right price. We negotiate with vendors and use our corporate partnerships to ensure the most effective licence for your needs and budget.


We’ll provide advice and guidance through our network of regional service experts. We will provide the experience to help you navigate the minefield of vendors and products to find the right solution. 


Keeping technology current and correctly configured is critical to maximise outcomes. Knowing when to upgrade and how to upgrade are significant decisions. We can guide you about upgrade paths, timing and implementation.

Configuration Management

We can help you to continually improve your process of deploying and configuring your applications into various environments, in a repeatable and reliable way, whether it be development, testing or production.


Implementation encompasses Consulting, Licensing, Upgrades and Configuration to provide a streamlined and managed outcome for your business – from the selection of the right tool, through to its configuration for your environment. 

Education and Training

Not everybody uses a tool in the same way, resulting in various degrees of effectiveness and efficiency. We will work with your team to ensure a consistent level of knowledge across your key users to help your business get the most benefit from your investment.


Tools by Partner

We work with a number of technology providers. And you almost certainly do too. Explore the range of technologies by Partner…

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