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There’s no more Business As Usual. So why do Business Analysis as usual? Assurity’s Lean Business Analysis service is designed for today’s business environment.

In times when deciding fast and moving decisively is critical, Traditional Business Analysis has become a blocker, not an enabler. The requirements document that had you chasing down every blind alley is the document that took too long, cost too much and engaged too many.

With Lean Business Analysis, you explore only what’s relevant and understand only what matters. You’ll make better decisions at the speed you need.


Lean Business Analysis Manifesto

We developed the Lean Business Analysis Manifesto to guide behaviour when conducting Business Analysis, creating it out of our experience as BA's working on Agile Transformations and projects where there was a need to work at speed, with a minimum of waste. 

We follow those values on the left far more because we believe that – while those on the right are considered by many as best practice – they can in fact prevent success in an Agile environment or when quick decisions need to be made.

lean ba values 

Feel free to use our Manifesto with your teams, but please attribute to Assurity Consulting when sharing it. Thanks!

Lean Business Analysis delivers better outcomes

Lean mindset

  • We think and live Lean|Agile in execution. We focus on reducing the waste involved in verbose documents and bureaucratic sign-offs. We produce only what is needed, when it's needed
  • We work with the right people, at the right time and never too far in advance. We free people to work only on what matters
  • We pair on the definition and elaboration of work so that others learn Lean Business Analysis practices too
  • We demystify, simplify and improve the flow of ideas and delivery of value and we help kill off dud ideas early

Innovative practices

  • We implement non-traditional approaches such as Design Thinking, Impact Mapping, Product Co-creation, Customer Experience Design and Discovery Workshops
  • We keep looking for better approaches

Value creation

  • We define what real value is and help people discover where it lives
  • We present value in more meaningful ways
  • We focus on helping clients understand and implement the right change to maximise value
Focus on reducing waste

Focus on reducing waste

‘Lean’ focuses on reducing waste. There are now eight recognised forms of waste – the original seven ‘Muda’ from Toyota Production System plus ‘Knowledge hoarding’. We’re writing a series of blog posts about how these are dealt with in our Lean Business Analysis service.

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The talent to challenge convention

Our Lean Business Analysis practice started in Christchurch over five years ago. Our exceptionally passionate team have created new approaches to deliver better value for dozens of clients across a wide range of projects. The service is now available across New Zealand.

talent to challenge

Some of our Lean Business Analysis specialists

Our Lean Business Analysis services

We’ll add value by better articulating your business's intentions, requirements and outcomes. We’ll help you identify innovative solutions by using techniques that visualise links between objectives and detailed requirements. We’ll improve the interaction between teams and ensure stakeholder engagement throughout a project.

Our BI services specialise in the delivery layer of your solution and the functions performed by technical BAs. We’ll interpret your BI needs and transform these into specifications required by your implementation team. 

We’ll help you establish or improve your own capability by understanding your situation, identifying desired outcomes and creating a roadmap. We provide coaching and a range of education courses, too.

Enterprise procurement is fraught with risk. Our Lean Business Analysis team uses Agile principles to help you develop the templates, strategy, approach and requirements for a robust RFP that will help you achieve your objectives. 

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