Engage the crowd

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Why you should use our crowd

In the Digital Age, you need to adopt new practices to ensure quality at cost and pace when the user is the customer. Crowd is a proven way to augment your test strategies for this.

Diversity of feedback
Avoid group thinking by listening to the crowd. The more customers that test, the greater the breadth and quality of feedback.

Eliminate ‘blind spots’
Your systems expand exponentially beyond your firewall. Crowd can quickly shine a light on problems across devices, operating systems, networks and security that in-house and outsourced teams cannot.

Outstanding value
Digital changes everything… except budgets and deadlines. Using the crowd is the fastest, most easily scalable and highly cost-effective way of getting crucial information about your products.

How it works for clients

Contact us and tell us your requirements
We’ll help you select from types of crowd tests:

  • Simple – Big crowd covering many devices and networks

  • Tailored – Smaller, focused crowd based on demographics and/or certain testing skills

  • Specialist – Small crowd with specialist testing skills on specialist assignments

Choose between ‘testing in-the-wild’ or ‘testing in-the-workshop’

We’ll do the rest
We’ll engage the crowd, get them across our testing platform and deliver feedback fast to you

“Define in days, run in days, feedback in days”

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