Agile is about people first

Agile has become the 'go-to', enterprise-wide delivery approach in helping the organisation improve its ability to respond to rapid change. But it's not Agile itself that delivers the outcomes. It's the teams – the people – who run with it that deliver the outcomes.

By thinking people and mindset first – rather than practice and process – you'll create the strongest foundations for a successful and sustainable Agile implementation. A foundation that gives people the best opportunity to form the self-organising, high-performing teams you need in the Digital Age.

When you engage us to help you start or continue along your Agile journey, we'll take this 'people first' approach to develop an implementation programme that will give you the confidence you need to set your teams free. To deliver.


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High-performing teams. Higher quality. Highest agility

Agile is a change in mindset 
Traditional mindsets, practices and methodologies don't 'fit' in a digital world. That's why Agile adoption is spreading so quickly. At its heart is a new mindset for teams that shifts delivery expectations from ‘months to weeks’, from ‘one big thing to many small things’ and from ‘overwhelmed to achievable’.

A new culture emerges 
We'll help your teams think in a different way, start talking a new language, collaborate more effectively and be empowered to focus on what’s possible, not what’s impossible. Teams freed up by this new mindset radically change their behaviours. They develop super-effective keystone habits that create an entirely new culture. One that is owned by them, not imposed on them.

Adapt faster to rapid change
Agile provides teams with greater transparency and allows them to analyse empirically to find ‘the truth’ about value. We'll help them learn how to discover solutions and engage with the business to help it determine which are the right levers to pull. You'll be able to plan better and deliver improvement continuously – at speed.

Higher quality, better productivity, greater team engagement 
Your customers will get the high-quality products and services they need now. And you'll be a step ahead in delivering what they will need tomorrow. You can achieve this with increased productivity and reduced risk. Lessons are learned and applied quickly through iterations. With these sorts of outcomes, it's easy to see how teams feel more engaged and proud of the quality they deliver.

Sustainable Agile implementation

Changing to an Agile mindset, learning a new language and building high-performing, self-managing teams is a major change for any organisation. Doing it in a way that’s sustainable is the major challenge. We help companies achieve this by teaching, mentoring and coaching them into a new way of working. It's sustainable change for the better.

Successful Agile implementation is about people first, so it's essential to understand the cultural situation of your organisation and the behaviours creating it. We will help you assess your situation and then consider the appropriate vision, framework, roadmap and timeline for your journey to Agile sustainability.

These simple primer questions are based on work by Frederick Laloux in his game-changing book Reinventing Organizations. Your answers can help you identify the 'colour' of organisation you work in and get an early idea of what style of Agile implementation might be appropriate.

Implementing Agile – a basic roadmap

Creating the roadmap that will work for your Agile journey first requires an understanding of your current situation. However, there are some fundamental milestones…

our approach roadmap

Assessment (I / We / IT / ITs)
We take a holistic approach which explores your situation across four quadrants. Together, we'll discover the things that might hold your teams back. I is People / We is Culture / IT is Process / ITs is Systems. These things will help us determine the most appropriate approach to Agile implementation, including the choice of framework, technologies and the degree of training that will be required.

Roadmap and Visioning
We facilitate the development of your vision and a roadmap which gives your organisation clear milestones for change. As you progress, your teams become ever more 'free to deliver' positive outcomes.

We provide all the basic and professional education your people need to begin and prosper on the Agile journey (see below). Our courses are delivered by our own practitioners.

Your teams start project delivery and performance is closely supported through Interviews, Coaching and Mentoring. We track and report improvements using Evidence Based Management so the benefits of adopting Agile is transparent at all times. We encourage the development of keystone habits to embed collective behaviours which drive the creation of a new culture.

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Some of our Agile specialists

Our Agile services

Whether it be at a team, program or enterprise level, we take a holistic approach using the integral framework to assess leadership, culture, process and systems. This approach will allow you to develop a bespoke roadmap using the right implementation framework for change in your organisation.

We partner to transform or transition your organisation to adopt Lean and Agile practices through the use of Interviews, Workshops, Training and Coaching. We take an Agile approach to deliver Agile change, not a turnkey transformation. This way, organisations can realise benefits of adopting an Agile mindset throughout the organisation in small, thin slices.

An experienced Agile Coach works directly with your teams and/or managers to help improve processes and facilitate the adoption of Agile practices and mindset.

We can help you improve your PMO, delivery capability or the way your non-IT teams deliver work. We’ll help you establish or improve existing Agile capability by understanding your situation, analysing gaps, identifying desired outcomes and creating a roadmap for improvement. We provide coaching and range of education courses to support this too.

Our two-day Scrum Jumpstart course is designed to provide teams with the common foundations required to successfully adopt Scrum to deliver better outcomes.


AgileNZ Conference 2017

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Each year, Assurity runs AgileNZ Conference, the annual get-together of New Zealand's Agile community. It's a chance to hear the latest thinking on Agile and business transformation from some of the world's leading keynote speakers.

AgileNZ Conference 2017 was held at Te Papa in Wellington on 6-7 November. Our theme for 2017 was Delivering Digital, focusing on four tracks of Relevance, Responsiveness, Innovation and Sustainable Transformation. For a taste of how it went, take a look at the videos on YouTube, the presentations on SlideShare and photos on Flickr. Keep up-to-date with the latest news on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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