Millennial Leadership by Edwin Dando and Dan Teo

FREE Twilight Session – Millennial Leadership presented by Assurity's Edwin Dando and Dan Teo


The Digital Age is dramatically changing the role of leadership. Being truly digital requires a fundamental different operating system that encourages a relentless re-examination of how you do business and where the new opportunities lie. Many leaders face significant changes to how they lead in this brave new world.

Modern leaders are adapting to an approach that empowers frontline staff to deeply focus on the customer, their challenges and desires. This is more than Agile. It is about devolving decision-making to cross-functional, customer-focused teams, combined with more experiment-driven ways of uncovering real value, hence future opportunities.
The approach requires profound change in how organisations are structured and led. We are in essence moving from an inward-looking perspective where staff seek direction from above and inside the organisation, to an outward, customer-focused view where the (often impatient, informed and empowered) customer is king. This approach requires a distinctly different style of leadership that's foreign to most organisations.
In this talk, Edwin and Dan will share their insights from working with a number of New Zealand’s leading firms and how they are shaping a new leadership model appropriate for the Digital Age.
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