Keys to Building Strong Teams

This workshop – run by Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley – teaches attendees how to connect with individuals and build an environment where everyone can flourish while working together.


When everyone on a team pulls together, we can achieve more and enjoy our work too. Building strong teams of diverse individuals can be tough and requires the skill to navigate differences of opinion. When individual concerns are not respected, teamwork can break down. To inspire confidence from others, you need a solid approach. Trust springs from your skills so you need to keep them sharp. 

Learning outcomes

In this workshop, you will acquire a framework that helps set up a team for success. A range of topics will be covered through presentation and practical exercises. You will have the opportunity to try all the techniques explained in the workshop.


Topics will include building trust, resolving conflicts, team agreements, and coaching individuals. The facilitators will talk about real scenarios  you're likely to face and ways you can lead your team through them. The skills covered can be useful at any point in the life of a project.


This workshop is for those people who aspire to lead software teams to deliver great products while finding satisfaction in their craft. It doesn’t matter what your current job title is – Scrum Master, Agile Coach, team lead, manager or something else - you'll take home a lot of learning.

About Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley

Rachel Davies is a world-renowned expert in Agile approaches to software development especially Extreme Programming (XP). She’s also an author of Agile Coaching. Rachel began her career as a software engineer and 30 years later still enjoys the combination of creativity and problem solving involved in developing computer software. After five years coaching XP product development teams at Unruly in London, she’s now Lead Engineer at Makers Academy, a company dedicated to helping people find jobs they love in the software industry.

Liz Sedley is co-author of Agile Coaching and has also been a programmer and Agile Coach for the last 25 years. She grew up in Wellington and studied Computer Science at Victoria University. In 1998, she got the travel bug and moved to London to help with the Y2K crisis. She soon discovered Agile (eXtreme Programming) and was captivated by it. Nowadays, Liz uses her expertise in Agile and Lean to run her own software company Dyslexia Gold which helps children with dyslexia learn to read and write.

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Keys to Building Strong Teams


No prerequisites for this workshop.

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