WeTest Weekend Workshops 2015


28 October 2015 • Written by

In our third year of sponsoring WeTest Meetups and Weekend Workshops in Wellington and Auckland, the recent WeTest Weekend Workshops – a community-run testing conference – were held in Auckland on 17 October with the theme of ‘Diversify’.

The event was opened by Edwin Dando whose words were declared the best ‘few words from our sponsor ever’ on Twitter (#www15).

Hands-on sessions were run by Katrina Clokie (listen to her keynote here), Joshua Raine, Vikas Arya and Mike Talks.

Assurity’s Aaron Hodder also presented one of the Experience Reports on ‘All Kinds of Minds: Let’s Talk Mental Health’.

One of the speakers Joshua Raine has written a great blog on the overall event where he also focuses on the talks he attended including Katrina’s keynote and Aaron’s session.

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