A new career in software testing

We’re on a mission to improve software delivery in New Zealand by implementing innovative techniques that help our clients deliver in new and better ways. This includes how they approach software testing. In our world, quality starts before a project even gets going and that means making sure testing is considered properly, right up front. We’re looking for talent that we can train to deliver better software testing. That could be you.

All backgrounds can add value. That's why we need you


We recognise that people from a range of backgrounds can add real value to our clients through their life experiences and the challenges they have overcome. That’s why we have developed our FreshStart Programme to teach those with an interest in software quality everything they need to know to grow a career in testing.

We’re looking for individuals who…

  • Are committed to making a change for the better
  • Have researched testing as a career
  • Have thought about why they are motivated to join this field
  • Have the passion, energy and enthusiasm to learn
  • Have some exposure of working in the corporate world (you are likely to have a greater understanding of how business works and that will help you get up to speed with our clients)
  • Affiliate with our core values. Our family culture is really important to us and so we look for individuals who we strongly believe will contribute to that culture

“One of the best decisions I ever made”


"The prospect of starting a new career later in working life is not a decision one takes lightly. But applying for the FreshStart Programme is one of the best decisions I ever made. Four weeks of pretty intensive training took a lot out of me; getting my brain to work in a way that was foreign to it for almost 20 years was a challenge. It meant going over most of the material again in my own time. But I got through it and can say, with hand on heart, that it was well worth it and rewarding. But also a huge relief.

An organisation that provides an opportunity for someone with a number of years in the workforce to get their foot in the door of the testing world with no experience or qualifications – apart from their passion and enthusiasm to learn – is unheard of. To learn from, be mentored by, and work alongside highly regarded and well-respected people in their industry, is priceless. Opportunities like this are rare and one I couldn’t pass up."

– Mike Lealamanua

How does the FreshStart Programme work?

Each year, we run a four-week Programme to teach you everything you need to know about software testing. You need to come armed with a learning mindset… and then leave the rest to us.

The Programme touches on a range of approaches, techniques and methodologies and will help you develop a ‘tester mindset’ to ensure you can look at software in a new light.

We’re also big on ensuring that you understand our business – why we’re here, where we’re going and how you can help us get there.

What happens after the Programme?
After the four-week Programme, you’ll start your new career as a Tester working on challenging client projects.

What are we offering?

  • An outstanding training programme (and you’re paid while doing it)
  • A chance to move in a new career direction
  • A career in a growing discipline with good future prospects
  • Work with an amazing team of people with knowledge, skills and passion
  • Full support and career development
  • A starting salary of $58k* plus
  • Great staff benefits, including base medical cover and income protection insurance

* We know you may have commitments and it can be a tough decision to perhaps take a drop in salary… but we want to be transparent from the onset. We can assure you that a career in this field is rewarding on many levels (including financially as you grow your career)

How do I register interest?

Register your interest by clicking below to submit your CV and a cover letter which outlines why you're interested in starting your career in software testing. Registrations of interest are now being taken for our 2018 intakes. We expect to confirm exact programme dates in late 2017 or early 2018.

Once registrations have closed, we will be in touch and start our selection process. This involves conversations with us about the opportunity to allow us both to gain a better understanding of your motivations and fit for a career in software testing.

Please note this will be a Wellington-based role with Assurity. We may consider running similar initiatives in Auckland and Christchurch. Please only apply if you are currently in New Zealand and are able to obtain the right to work in New Zealand in this role.

Here's an outline of our selection process

Submit Application (incl CV cover letter)
Assurity Quiz
Phone interviews
Aptitude test
Round 1 (face to face interview)
Round 2 (face to face interview)
Take up references
Offers out
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