Zafraan Ameer

Zafraan Ameer

Senior Consultant

Zafraan is a software tester with a very good understanding and hands on experience in QA process, practice and tools. His main focus is to provide quality automation solutions for our clients to make their testing productive.

Core capabilities

Zafraan has automation scripting experience in building test frameworks from scratch for UI and API layers. He's worked with mobile app testing and ETL testing for major banks and airlines. He focuses on building a seamless CI for clients by working closely with the development teams to add value to the project from the very early stage.

Career highlights

  • Senior Technical QA Sitecore Malaysia
  • Senior Technical Specialist Pearson
  • Consultant Quality Assurance Virtusa
  • Mobile Quality Assurance Analyst Barclays Bank

The manual or automation test alone will not help you deliver a high-quality product for your customers. Only by understanding the internal developer code that was executed by your test can you assess the quality of the product and the effectiveness of your test cases. This will expose all the garbage code that was injected to a product. This approach needs a complete mind set change in order to adopt to a project.

Zafraan’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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