Wil McLellan

Wil McLellan

General Manager – Technology Group

As GM of the Technology Group, Wil is responsible for the technology and platform solutions our clients need to help them deliver on their digital strategies with quality and at speed.

Core capabilities

A director of software companies and co-founder of the EPIC technology hub in Christchurch, Wil has over 15 years' experience developing strong businesses partnerships within the technology industry.

Career highlights

  • Co-founder and Director EPIC Innovation
  • President of Business Strategy Cerebralfix
  • CEO Stickmen Studios
  • Business Development Manager Fujitsu NZ

New Zealand is an excellent place for innovation; with a strong economy, a growing technology sector and great international relationships. The best way for us to achieve results and make a real difference globally is to focus on what we are best at and work transparently with partners whose skills complement our own.

Wil’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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