Vaishnavie Logeswaran

Vaishnavie Logeswaran


Vaishnavie is a Test Consultant who has recently started working with the NZQA-NCEA Exams team. Her primary role is to test fixes completed by developers on the BAU team.

Core capabilities

As a junior tester, Vaishnavie is keen to develop new skills and apply them where possible. She's passionate about making sure the best quality product is delivered on time and with the right attitude. Her background in healthcare, including her time as a Line Manager, has allowed her to develop strong relationship-building skills. Her analytical experience in laboratory work also translates well into the testing environment.

Career highlights

  • Line Manager (Technical Specialist) Greenlane Clinical Centre LabPlus

The future of software testing is expanding rapidly. As, the world becomes more reliant on technology, the need for better, faster and impressive products has become essential. Highly capable and competent Test Analysts are at the forefront of the revolution.

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