Simon Holbrook

Simon Holbrook

Principal Consultant

Simon’s a passionate innovator and design thinker. He specialises in human-centred design and helps companies build customer-centric cultures, services and products.

Core capabilities

Simon's uses his skills in design thinking, innovation, systems thinking and business management to help companies redefine their strategic direction and create breakthrough products and services. He's an expert with design and innovation techniques and practices.

Career highlights

  • Innovation Director Chrysalis Innovation Studio
  • Service Designer and Business Specialist Better by Design/NZTE
  • Managing Director The Inzone Experience Limited
  • Managing Director Slinkylinks Audio

Technological singularity and the effects thinking machines will have on society at large fascinates me. As the acceleration of technology begins to fundamentally disrupt core business, unique opportunities are created to design new products, services and businesses that create unheralded utility for people. This is a unique epoch for transformation; what part will we play in it?

Simon’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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