Simon Anderson

Simon Anderson

Head of Platforms

Simon is our Head of Platforms, a role that critically strategises, researches, develops, delivers, sells and supports digital platform products for Assurity clients undertaking digital transformations.

Core capabilities

If Simon's career was a three-act play, we're now starting the third. First, his years as a Tester, Test Manager, Technical Tester and Pre-Sales Engineer for Testing Tools. Second, as our Head of Community and graduate of a One Planet MBA from the University of Exeter. Third, Simon is combining his deep and practical understanding of testers and the process of software testing with the EQ of servant leadership and disruptive business acumen taught on his MBA. The resulting digital platforms will delight clients undergoing digital transformation and challenge ideas of who is a client, what is testing, who is a tester and what's the value generated.

Career highlights

  • One Planet MBA Student University of Exeter
  • Head of Community Assurity Consulting
  • Pre-Sales Engineer Assurity Consulting
  • Performance Tester Hyosung Information Systems

Organisations going through digital transformations need to augment their test strategies to close the customer feedback loop, do so at scale and speed, with the right user demographic, on real devices, using real networks and on the same budget.

Simon’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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