Rebecca Steyn

Rebecca Steyn


As a Lean Business Analyst, Rebecca help clients get the most value in the most efficient way. She's passionate about communicating with others, building strong teams and understanding the needs of end users so they can receive the most benefit out of the project or product being developed.

Core capabilities

With over three years' experience, Rebecca is skilled at communicating with all stakeholders to ensure alignment on key ideas and strategies, problem solving to ensure the best solution and analysing situations to understand where improvements can be made.

Career highlights

  • Business Analyst Orion Health

People are the most valuable part of every company. Whether the people are employees, customers, managers (etc.), they hold ideas, inspiration and a lot of knowledge! Understanding people’s perspectives, motivations and differences by bringing them together and facilitating conversations often has the most valuable impact because it's how complex business problems are solved.

Rebecca’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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