Rana Gorgees

Rana Gorgees

Senior Consultant

Rana has more than 12 years' solid experience in testing and quality assurance, her focus at Assurity being test management and leadership. Delivery-driven, Rana enjoys taking testing projects from planning through execution to delivery.

Core capabilities

Rana thrives on leading people with different spectrum of experiences, including business SME testers, through the journey of testing and successful delivery. She has worked in many industries such as supply chain, council, manufacturing and airlines. This has given her the skill set to adapt swiftly and professionally.

Career highlights

  • Test Manager Foodstuffs
  • Test Lead Auckland Council
  • Test Lead Air New Zealand

Successful delivery of any project is the responsibility of an organisation and the project team, not just the testing team. Organisations need to better recognise and implement quality in every phase of the project lifecycle.

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