Peter-John Lightfoot

Peter-John Lightfoot

Senior Consultant

Peter-John works to increase the efficiency, throughput and predictability of development teams.

Core capabilities

With a career founded in the Software Development trenches, Peter-John has been responsible for delivery management and/or implementation of numerous non-trivial software solutions. He now specialises in Development Capacity, Continuous Delivery, Agile Practice and DevOps.

Career highlights

  • Portfolio Architect Wipro
  • Software Architect Dariel
  • Software Architect Iress
  • Software Architect Karabina

We are seeing the beginnings of a runaway trend in the software industry, whereby software delivery recursively enables better software delivery. With ever-increasing scope and rates of adoption, it follows that the disciplines we develop today will soon permeate through all other industries and areas of business.

Peter-John’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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