Peter Bowman

Peter Bowman


Peter came to Assurity as a university graduate. His role is to test in a manner that's valuable to the product and develop his skills as a test consultant so his capacity to delight clients improves.

Core capabilities

Peter has a broad background of academic and business scenarios which have given him the opportunity to approach many situations in an analytical, systematical and empathetic manner. It's also taught him to place strong focus on consistent improvement in his work.

Career highlights

  • Senior Educational Consultant Inspiration Education
  • Residential Advisor Katharine Jermyn Hall
  • Residential Advisor Katharine Jermyn Hall

It was once believed 40 years were needed to understand algebra, something that is now normal for someone of 14. This is technological innovation at work. Our ancestors would be mystified by a calculator. How will our descendants mystify us?

Peter’s Thoughts and Recommendations


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