Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson

Innovation Coach

Olivia collaborates with clients to bring the customer voice into an organisation. She looks to understand what's desirable for users and frame it into actionable opportunities.

Core capabilities

Olivia uses her background in psychology to uniquely understand the needs and wants of diverse audiences and stakeholders. Her strength is in discovering and leveraging insights to understand the ‘how' and ‘why’ which can be used to inform both strategy and the design of compelling products and services. She's passionate about training and building innovation capability and is always focused on the development and coaching of individuals in organisations.

Career highlights

  • Innovation Coach Chrysalis Innovation Studio
  • Senior Design Manager Richards Partners
  • Account Manager Designworks

We live in an increasingly dynamic world where control is shifting back to customers. New patterns of consumer behaviour are emerging as they respond to accelerated innovation. As technology continues to disrupt our world, Design Thinking enables organisations to collaborate and strategically adapt and respond to changing customer needs.

Olivia’s Thoughts and Recommendations


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