Nick Allan

Nick Allan

General Manager – Marketing

Nick manages Assurity’s brand and marketing communications and helps the Leadership Team define market positioning and develop strategy.

Core capabilities

Nick has established many businesses including a multi-award-winning UK brand consultancy, a French travel business and 'the world’s most beautiful car wash'. These days, he uses his experience to help build business-to-business brands in New Zealand that have a worthwhile and authentic cause. Assurity is one of them.

Career highlights

  • Brand Consultant, NZ Various
  • Founder Allegiance, UK
  • Marketing Communications Consultant SkyTV, UK

A brand is a promise, nothing more, nothing less. And the more authentic and worthwhile, the better. Assurity’s promise is both, because we have an intent to make a positive difference to many people. I’m hugely passionate about that and about engaging people in our story.

Nick’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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