Nicanor Basabas

Nicanor Basabas


While working in an ever-changing industry, Nicanor adapts his testing methods and uses it to engender the process of formulating creative solutions to consistently deliver business results of a high degree.

Core capabilities

Coming from a software development background, Nicanor has broad familiarity of the entire SDLC. By integrating development skills with testing, the complementing results enable him to propose alternative ideas to clients in their decision-making processes. Nicanor also actively orchestrates work methods to cater to all levels of testing.

Career highlights

  • Web and App Designer/Developer AUT
  • Web Designer Centre for Social Impact

As the digital era rises, we are exposed to unexplored ideas where the familiar is challenged by the unfamiliar. Facets of technology that exist today were seemingly impossible yesterday. Technology is leaping into the constant unknown – but that is where the excitement is found.

Nicanor’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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