Lea-Anne Pukallus

Lea-Anne Pukallus

Operations Lead

Lea-Anne is passionate about operational excellence and leads the Ops team to strive towards a goal that may have seemed impossible. Ops delivers multiple services including client billing and aged debt and resource management.

Core capabilities

Lea-Anne has extensive people-leading experience with a focus on the delivery of a culture change driven towards a self-organising team. She understands that people need to feel valued to help them deliver and succeed. Describing herself as a 'classic nurturer', she needs our people and clients to know we care about them, their world and their business.

Career highlights

  • Billing Manager Meridian Energy

I want to bring a fresh approach to how we interact with our people and our clients, delivering a better quality of customer service so that our clients see Assurity as a highly valued business partner that delivers on all fronts.

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