Krista Pritchard

Krista Pritchard

Service Lead – Lean Business Analysis

Krista's role is to develop the Lean Business Analysis Service in Christchurch in order to deliver better outcomes and innovative approaches with our clients, help clients navigate the organisational change needed to deliver real value to customers and build Assurity consultants' capability to become skilful, innovative and trusted advisors.

Core capabilities

Krista brings more than 10 years’ experience in Business Analysis and Project Management. Her strengths in strategic thinking, problem solving, team building and communication have helped her to successfully deliver many software implementations. She also helps clients adopt Lean practices and improve their approach to ensure sustainable value.

Career highlights

  • Strategy Consultant Gallery Partnership
  • Business Analysis Team Lead University of Canterbury myUC Project
  • Business Improvement Analyst Blackbay

An organisation's ability to drive, respond to and navigate change will be what sets it apart from the rest in the Digital Age. The Business Analysis community needs to focus on helping organisations improve their internal capability to change so that they can become more responsive, relevant and innovative.

Krista’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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