Jessica Nel

Jessica Nel

Senior Consultant

Jessica's role is to help clients understand what their users need and translate this into business value in an Agile manner. Her passion is bridging the divide between technology and business, ensuring that technology is built to enable business operations.

Core capabilities

Jessica's core capability is to lead projects which specialise in software and business analysis, coaching other business analysts and team members in solutionising with the business. Her specialist skills are to facilitate sessions with a mix of technology and business while coaching delivery teams on delivering with agility.

Career highlights

  • Head of Projects and Operations BNRY, South Africa
  • Agile Coach Medical Insurance provider, South Africa
  • Head Business Analyst Retail bank, South Africa

With new technology and agents entering the market, companies have no choice but to adapt and ensure that they have the ability to change rapidly. This creates a need for lean business analysis where requirements are provided just in time in a streamlined approach, ensuring reduced cost to market.

Jessica’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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