Jesse Stegmann

Jesse Stegmann

Senior Consultant

Jesse works with organisations to help them deliver value using a range of techniques and tools. He's passionate about creating motivated and empowered teams.

Core capabilities

Jesse has a strong technical background and experience as a Scrum Master and coach working with a wide range of teams from a number of industries including software, content, marketing and policy. He loves applying Agile principles to a range of problems to get the best possible outcome.

Career highlights

  • Agile Coach and Scrum Master Boost
  • Developer Boost

We're now beginning to see organisations and teams realise that it's not enough to just implement Scrum and call it a day. They understand that to be really successful, they have to embrace practices from a range of disciplines, for example Lean Startup and Design Thinking and combine these to get the results they want.

Jesse’s Thoughts and Recommendations


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