Jacob Creech

Jacob Creech

National Service Owner – Agile

Jacob helps individuals, teams and organisations deliver more valuable, higher-quality work faster and more frequently through a range of Agile and related (Lean Startup, Design Thinking) techniques.

Core capabilities

Jacob has worked with groups including startups, government and Fortune 100 companies in industries including finance, healthcare, IT, eCommerce and telecommunications. His interests range from helping startups eek out maximum value in minimum time, to helping globally distributed teams excel at software delivery and applying Agile outside of software development.

Career highlights

  • Co-founder and CEO Boost Agile China
  • Product Owner IntuitionHQ
  • Agile Coach and Project Manager Peking Design

Agile helps us collaborate and continually improve towards high performance as we deliver work. Lean Startup and Design Thinking help figure out what products and services users and customers really care about. What excites me is putting these ideas together, looking beyond software. That’s how we can change the world.

Jacob’s Thoughts and Recommendations

Start with STIRR

Start with STIRR

Big Thoughts

26 October 2017

Written by Jacob Creech

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