Eugene Khoo

Eugene Khoo


As a Test Consultant, Eugene seeks to improve the quality of software in ways which will allow clients to productively excel at what they do.

Core capabilities

With a tertiary background in Information Systems and Finance and a variety of customer-facing work experiences, Eugene is constantly seeking to utilise his skill set to achieve excellent results for clients. His passion for technology and unorthodox thinking provides him with an open-minded approach to tackling challenges.

Career highlights

  • Product Advisor Microsoft
  • Assistant Test Analyst Farmers Trading Limited
  • Brand Ambassador TomTom
  • Brand Ambassador Sony

As technology continues to evolve at an unfathomable rate, we are now witnessing miracles happening on a daily scale. The shrinking of the lag time between what we dream about and what we can create has opened the doors for endless opportunities.

Eugene’s Thoughts and Recommendations


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