Edwin Dando

Edwin Dando

General Manager – Education

Edwin works to help our clients improve their organisations with the latest thinking and approaches. He's is a well-known who's passionate about helping NZ businesses improve.

Core capabilities

Edwin has spent his career working in IT consulting, starting with Accenture. He has pioneered Agile adoption in NZ, having first stumbled over the Agile Manifesto in 2001. His key areas of focus are continuous improvement and business agility.

Career highlights

  • General Manager Auckland Assurity Consulting
  • National Service Owner – Agile Assurity Consulting
  • Founder and CEO Clarus Consulting
  • Founder Sead
  • Management Consultant Independent
  • Consultant Gen-I, Synergy International, Accenture

Tomorrow’s business imperatives lie outside the performance envelope of today’s bureaucracy-infused management practices. Equipping organizations to tackle the future would require a management revolution no less momentous than the one that spawned modern industry. Gary Hamel – Moon Shots For Management

Edwin’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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