Chris Pollard

Chris Pollard

Principal Consultant

Chris helps organisations speed up value realisation from their IT investment through cultural change and effective use of automation and technology. These changes improve time to ROI, allowing people to step away from repetitive make-work and have the freedom to focus on higher-value endeavours leading to greater satisfaction and productivity.

Core capabilities

Chris has a passion for achieving great outcomes through helping people to work effectively together while harnessing appropriate technologies. This passion has come through an 18-year journey across technical, management, coaching and teaching roles, working with every size organisation from dotcom startups to FTSE100 corporations.

Career highlights

  • Agile Coach and Development Manager ScrewFix
  • Agile Technical Lead Sky Broadband

DevOps is the next step on from the growth of Agile, Lean, Automation and Cloud. It is bringing great benefits to organisations that embrace it and – as with any significant change in thinking – it also brings many challenges. This is what excites me – being able to help organisations and individuals through this change and realise those benefits.

Chris’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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