Ben Hayman

Ben Hayman

General Manager – Service Development

Ben guides the continual evolution of our our service offering, helping create great solutions that meet very real customer needs. As Transformation Lead, Ben also works closely with our government and private sector clients to help them get the best from the opportunity that digital transformation offers.

Core capabilities

Ben has devised, created, launched and looked after digital products for business and consumer users in the UK, USA and NZ. A leader of teams, he is a firm supporter of new ways to build healthier organisations. Over the last 20 years, he's been an advisor to government, the CEO of VC-funded businesses and the owner of some startups. Ben serves as an advisor on several NZ digital and technology advisory boards and has recently undertaken the chair role to start up the NZ wing of the Digital Leaders Network.

Career highlights

  • Founder and CEO Mediasurface PLC
  • Founding Partner Venture4th VC advisory partnership
  • CEO Magic Studio Network
  • Head of Digital Operations/Partnership Lead Government Digital Service, UK

Technology now provides all the capability we need to create the right kinds of services that real users need. It also offers us a fantastic opportunity to remodel the way we collaborate and work with each other as digital workers. I want to take this opportunity to help reshape organisations into massively collaborative, healthy and creative places.

Ben’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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