Arpan Mandal

Arpan Mandal

Senior Consultant

Arpan wears multiple hats depending upon the situation – sometimes as Test Lead, other times he helps plan and document training modules. He creates test strategies and mentors others on test automation using TDD and BDD tools and practices.

Core capabilities

Arpan's core expertise is as test lead, with a technical background of test automation. He excels in developing test strategies where automation may or may not be required. He's passionate about Agile. Clients particularly value his test analysis skills and getting things done.

Test automation still has to become mainstream in the art of software development. Project Management – who understand the benefits of early feedback and automated regression that test automation brings to any sized project – are reaping the benefits of quicker release test cycles. The rest need to catch up.

Arpan’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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