Andre Jonker

Andre Jonker

Senior Consultant

Andre helps combine all testing reports for higher management and assists with system set up and support for testing teams, documents and streamlining the client experience. He delivers projects and testing to quality standards and with value.

Core capabilities

Andre's core skills include system integration and UAT, web service testing and test planning. The typical scenario or context is testing of any software system where there is any development of code to ensure the code is correct and there are no issues that will cost the client money. He has great experience, understanding and knowledge of the testing industry, having worked on various projects in the banking industry.

Career highlights

  • Senior Test Analyst Nedbank South Africa
  • Test Manager Standard Bank South Africa
  • Test Manager Bayport International South Africa

We all need to better the world we live in so our kids can have the best future. So whatever we do, we have to do it with pride, passion and confidence as it's not just for us, but for others. I strive to constantly improve my knowledge and career so I can have an innovative impact to change the future for us and the rest of the world. Better is best for all.

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