Amanda Cuthbertson

Amanda Cuthbertson

Senior Consultant

Amanda's aim is to perform the BA role in a leaner, Agile manner by focusing on the information that enables a more efficient decision-making process. What is the real problem? Who is affected? What are the desired outcomes? What will provide the most value?

Core capabilities

Amanda's experience covers a wide range of industries and projects, ranging from business process review and improvement through to full ERP implementations with multiple vendors. She's worked with in-house development teams and external vendor solutions and understands the different challenges they bring. Her experience enables her to create a BA plan for a specific project using the various techniques and methodologies learnt over the years.

Career highlights

  • Senior Business Analyst AMI, New Zealand
  • Business/System Analyst Perot Systems, Europe
  • Business Development Analyst Visa International, UK

Performing Business Analysis in an Agile environment is great; the focus on outcomes and value is where it is at! But the foundation of success is still the provision of good quality analysis, asking the right questions, analysing the impacts and communicating. Don’t forget that good quality Business Analysis is needed no matter what the approach.

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