Allen Geer

Allen Geer

Principal Consultant

Allen is part of the DevOps service line at Assurity and an active creator and contributor to various educational offerings of the DevOps group. He is responsible for several client engagements in the field of DevOps.

Core capabilities

Allen is skilled in the areas of continuous integration, continuous delivery, cloud infrastructure, test automation and platforms. He uses his deep experience in the field to help clients deliver higher quality software with greater velocity. As an avid Agilist and 'DevOpser', he enjoys helping clients transform the way they work to become more responsive to the demands of their customers.

Career highlights

  • DevOps Architect ProKarma, Denver
  • DevOps Lead MoneyGram, Dallas

That feeling when you get feedback on the quality of every contribution instantly and see it in production only moments later, makes programming a satisfying expression of creativity.

Allen’s Thoughts and Recommendations

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