Aditya Rao

Aditya Rao

Technical Analyst

As a test consultant, Aditya works with clients to ensure all integration points are functioning as desired. He loves how technology helps in simplifying tasks and better understands them by breaking it, if needed.

Core capabilities

Friendly, analytical and collaborative, Aditya is also curious by nature. He has been working for seven years in the insurance, finance, utilities and FMCG industries. This helps him try out various ways of doing things and different things that could be done. He enjoys exploring details and researching.

Career highlights

  • Web Content Specialist GradConnection NZ
  • Technical Analyst Colgate Palmolive
  • Systems Analyst Reliance Infrastructure
  • Technical Analyst Softcell Technologies

I believe the best way to reduce the impact of inevitable change in our IoT (Interconnection of Things) is to fail fast and adapt quick. Keep experimenting!

Aditya’s Thoughts and Recommendations



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