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The battle to satisfy customers and attract new ones is being fought online. Every business is now dependent on technology. Delivering your next feature fast keeps your customers. Delivering your next product first engages new ones. We're here to help you deliver the right things, in the right way, at a velocity and cadence that keeps your organisation relevant.


Here's how we helped Spark deliver better

Solutions to challenges

How do you improve your legacy technology and introduce new practices at the same time to meet complex demands from various channels and users?

How do you organise your teams to create a high-performance culture that delivers at pace? Adopt the disciplines and tools to create a sustainable Agile culture across the whole organisation.

How can you get a start-up hunger and focus on rethinking the market, business and technologies for a bolder future? Get the velocity and uncluttered clarity of a startup. Take ideas and work with real users fast.

Services for every project

User Research will help you make better design and development decisions and create the experiences users really want. Do the best for your business and make your users happy.

Designed for today's business environment, with Lean Business Analysis you explore only what's relevant and understand only what matters. Make better decisions at the speed you need.

Improve your organisation's ability to respond to rapid change by thinking people and mindset first. Only then will you create the strongest foundations for a successful and sustainable Agile implementation.

Our Better Testing services give you richer information faster and earlier and put you in a position to make better decisions about delivering quality software to your customers.

DevOps creates a continuous delivery ecosystem that streamlines the development, deployment, checking, monitoring and improvement of software and infrastructure for greater velocity, quality and reliability of delivery.

Our Technology solutions span consulting, licensing, education, maintenance, installation, configuration and hosting options – delivered by Assurity practitioners with real experience of using them.

Rapidly test the digital solutions your organisation delivers by enlisting the help of real users. You’ll get closer to the truth about the experiences your customers really want and need.

Discover the real problems your customers are dealing with, their unmet needs and the opportunities that exist in the possibility of 'what could be'.

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Senior Innovation Consultant

We are looking for seasoned innovation consultants to join our expanding innovation team, working with our clients across the Auckland region.


10 August 2018

Senior Test Analyst

We're looking for an exceptional Senior Test Analyst who gets a kick out of delighting clients through world class delivery


3 August 2018

Agile Business Manager

We're looking for a leader in Agile delivery to join our Auckland team and work closely with our internal team and clients


3 August 2018

Test Lead

We're looking for experienced Test Leads who gets a kick out of delighting clients through world class delivery


3 August 2018

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