Innovate through disruption

Creating start-up hunger

You have a great set of services in place and users seem to enjoy them. But there's a nagging doubt. How exposed are you to a disruptive upstart stealing your market? Equally, how will you respond if your users become accustomed to innovations in other markets and expect the same from you in short order? How defensible is your business model in the face of such rapid shifts? Are you being brave enough?

To focus on business as 'usual' (where usual is challenging enough) – and at the same time think in new ways to envisage new business models, is tough for any organisation. How can you get that start-up hunger and laser focus on rethinking the market, rethinking the business and rethinking the technologies required to enable a much bolder future?

Innovation as a Service

Get the velocity and uncluttered clarity of a startup. Take ideas and work with real users fast, to learn how your services or business could be radically more effective in meeting market needs

  • We take some of your team and some of our specialists and put them into a lean start-up environment with an innovation mentor
  • We equip them with techniques and tools that are of the internet and designed to allow rapid design and experimentation
  • At the end of their time collaborating, the team has produced something real and meaningful. Your people have also gained new skills by learning through doing
We draw on the following techniques:
Venture mentoring, Lean start-up coaching, user research, service design, content design, Lean analysis, mockup coding and development.

Thoughts about your journey


11 April 2017

Design Thinking. Powered up

Written by Simon Holbrook

Our new Auckland Design Thinking practice aims to help clients get a better understanding of their customers and design the products and services their customers want.

The practice fits perfectly with Assurity’s experience in technology delivery. By joining up Design Thinking with Agile and other software delivery practices, we can help ensure that what’s imagined, invented and ideated in the Design Thinking process actually gets delivered into customers’ hands. More

Big Thoughts

11 January 2017

Innovation is no longer an option, it’s a necessity

Written by Rodger Perkins

I believe that you and your employer are not being innovative enough. Controversial maybe, but while many suggest we’re now deep into the Digital Age, I think we’re racing through the innovation age with digital as the enabler.

So much has been written about digital and its impact on each of us. I believe, that as we reflect on 2016, we’ll appreciate that digital in itself has been confusing and difficult to fully understand. More

Big Thoughts

28 November 2016

Create a high-performance digital business

Written by Ben Hayman

To deliver constantly improving digital services that end users or customers love and have conversations about is a great achievement and something to be immensely proud of. To do that and look at what might happen next in your market and be ready to disrupt yourselves with a radically new product or business model is the real peak of digital business performance.

Some organisations are born digital. For them, it’s not a case of needing to transform themselves from a pre-existing, non-digital state, but to focus on the essential parts of being digital. More

Big Thoughts

28 November 2016

Making innovation central to the new normal

Written by Ben Hayman

With Innovation sounding like a great idea, we’d all support it within our organisations. Staff want to know they’re supported in being creative and looking for innovative ways forward. It’s a no-brainer in many ways, but to create the conditions for innovation to become part of the new ‘business as usual’ takes framing and sponsorship.

We see patterns of adoption of innovation methods that create real change. We also see anti-patterns where innovation is a spike of excitement and activity and brings little ongoing change. More

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