Improve your world.
Or move to a new one…


The world many of us live in. Software delivery and project management by traditional approaches.


The world many of us are moving to. Lean|Agile approaches begin to be used by teams on some projects.


The world a few have already moved to. Lean|Agile approaches are implemented by IT across all software projects.


The world beyond IT. Enterprises see the value delivered by Lean|Agile approaches and start using them across the organisation.

Wherever you are and wherever you want to be,
we can help you get there

We help you deliver better software outcomes by improving existing practices in the world you're in, or by implementing new approaches to transform you to a new world. Wherever you are, wherever you want to go, you'll get higher quality, faster speed-to-market, increased productivity and better team engagement. Start improving now. From any point in the software delivery lifecycle…

Where do you want to start?

Pick a 'Better' point anywhere along the software delivery lifecycle and discover more about how we deliver. Or select a service line to explore what we do and the outcomes you can achieve.

Better Business Agility
Better Engagement with the Business
Better IT Transformations
Better Code
Better Testing
Better Engagement with Ops


Listening to the industry, we hear talk of technology ‘flattening how the world works’. This describes how customers and end users of technology solutions don’t care what’s happening behind the scenes. They simply expect things to work, work well and work first time. If they don’t, they will look elsewhere. 

Excellence is your objective

It is no longer acceptable – or survivable – to be ‘average’. Enterprises must move rapidly towards excellence, where customers get what they want now, not later. Your IT needs to be able to deliver excellence. We know how to get you there.

Start your journey now

We’re already helping many of New Zealand’s largest enterprises achieve excellence. We help them find better ways to deliver software and improve the four outcomes that matter today – quality, speed to market, productivity and team engagement. Our consultants can help you too.



Next-generation technology solutions are coming to market to meet new ways of working. Understanding what they offer and how they fit your IT requirements can only be done by people who understand the challenges at hand. We have the experience and expertise to give you confidence in choosing the right tool solutions.

Think ahead, engage the right way

Thinking long term is essential. Too often we see short-term thinking create a future headache. How we engage and use technology to support delivery often means the difference between average and great, fast and slow, cost and value and between engaged teams and burnt-out teams.

Solutions that support, not dictate

We believe technology solutions must support how you want to work, not dictate. They must be flexible enough to accommodate challenges to working methods and allow you to find new ways of working. They must help you deliver well at a project team level and be easily scaled out to the broader IT team.

We can help you choose the tools that work for you.

Tools we trust

We’re familiar with many technology solutions and have a wide range of partnerships.



Assurity Education offers a wide range of public and private courses developed to help you deliver better software outcomes. We believe the best education delivers learning that can be put into practice immediately. That’s why our courses are taught by Assurity practitioners – people who work on the coalface of excellence. You can engage Assurity Education in three ways:

Mentored Learning: Delivers outstanding outcomes

Our Mentored Learning Programme (MLP) applies learning immediately. It’s made up of two key components: First, group-based, ‘baseline’ education activates key knowledge areas and establishes a consistent understanding and shared phraseology. Next, you get hands-on coaching to turn this theoretical knowledge into practical skills. We help you introduce quality practices that start with a high level of support and then taper off over time as the gains in performance and productivity are realised. Mentored Learning delivers fantastic results. We have the testimonials to prove it.

Private courses: Group education inside your organisation

We take your team/s to the next level. We offer a comprehensive range of courses to suit your enterprise’s unique situation and context. Talk to us about your specific needs and, if required, we can customise course material to meet those needs.

Public courses: Small groups. Great value

We offer a range of Agile and Professional Scrum courses taken in a shared setting at locations in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

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