Retrospectives – Continuous Improvement – Team Tune-up

Does your team want to improve but never seems to get around to it? Are there pressures on you to deliver more, faster? Retrospectives are a punchy and positive way to empower your team, improve your business processes and have fun at work!

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Presented by Ceedee Doyle

Sometimes, continuous improvement is considered ‘too hard’ or requires a special exercise/project team to get it off and running – WRONG! This course will show you how to start something in motion now which will benefit your team, your people and your business by improving the way you work together. Not an ‘agile’ team? Don’t worry. Coming out of the ‘Agile’ movement, this is a little bit of the ‘magic’ that you can apply right now, even to the least agile of circumstances. This course walks you through the concepts of a retrospective, how it works and gives you lots of great new tips and tools to make them interesting.

The course is participative with a mixture of explanation, hands-on exercises and real-life examples from the practitioner’s experience. By the end of it, you will be ready to plan and participate in a retrospective... and even run one yourself!


  • Post Implementation Review (PIR) vs retrospective
  • Tools and techniques
  • The 5 steps
  • Keeping it interesting
  • How to deal with objections
  • How to deal with common facilitation challenges
  • Have a go – a chance to try it out for real 

Learning outcomes

  • See how this form of continuous improvement can be used on any type of project with any type of team -– waterfall, marketing, finance, operations, agile
  • Understand what the aims of a retrospective are
  • Understand the steps within it
  • Analyse the benefits, objections and pitfalls you may experience holding a retrospective in your current work
  • Experience some fun tools/techniques
  • Apply a retrospective to a practical example
  • Learn something new about retrospectives, even if you have done many before

Target audience

Teams of any shape, function or size:

  • Management team
  • Marketing team
  • Finance team
  • Admin team
  • Sales team
  • IT professionals and consultants

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Continuous Improvement – Retrospectives



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