Agile Testing

Agile Testing provides confidence that features are done through a combination of requirements collaboration, automated checking and exploratory testing. This course is designed to turn participants into testers who are great communicators, can contribute technically to their team and act as guides rather than gatekeepers.

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Learning outcomes

While mastering testing skills will require time and practice, this workshop will allow you to:

  • Apply the testing pyramid and describe the balance between exploration and automation
  • Create, review and execute functional browser-based test automation
  • Design visual models and use these as a basis for structured exploratory testing
  • Practise Session-Based Testing and reporting
  • Describe Specification By Example and contribute to a collaborative specification workshop
  • Diagnose and resolve issues in test automation using a red-green re-factor approach
  • Explain how to identify and prioritise non-functional testing, then include it in day-to-day testing
  • Develop simple performance scripts using JMeter
  • Discuss communication, advocacy and deliverables for testers in an Agile team
  • Demonstrate the mindset shift from finding bugs to preventing bugs


All participants apply the concepts introduced through extensive practical activities that allow them to experience everything learned. Interactive testing exercises encourage group collaboration and get attendees working hands-on with real software.

To support and enhance application of the concepts, we offer follow-on coaching, check ups and support. All our education staff are practising test professionals rather than just trainers.

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Agile Testing



  • Must have Agile experience or an academic knowledge of Agile
  • Students must bring a laptop to the course. Some laptops may be available on request. Please contact to check availability prior to course date
  • Should be involved in completing testing tasks in an Agile team
  • Should have a basic understanding of operating systems, browsers and text editors
  • May have familiarity with a programming language, but this is not required
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