Agile Planning and Estimation

Agile is all about delivering the right work at the right time, but the key to great delivery is great planning and great execution. In this session, we will help you with the first part of the equation: How do you develop a great plan?

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We will cover the following:

  • Levels of planning: What is just enough?
  • Definition of Ready: When are user stories high enough quality for work to begin?
  • Definition of Done: What is the common quality standard all work needs to meet to be complete?
  • What actually happens in a great planning meeting?
  • Refinement of a backlog
  • Common patterns for splitting user stories 
  • Estimation methods, including affinity estimation and planning poker
  • Planning metrics: velocity, burndown and cycle time
  • A practice planning and estimation exercise

By the end of this session, you’ll have a much more complete idea of what great planning and estimation really looks like and have the confidence to help your team develop higher quality plans. 

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Agile Planning and Estimation

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