AgileNZ Conference 2017 (6-7 November)

Our theme for 2017 is 'Delivering Digital'. Peak digital performance is being able to deliver constantly improving digital services that end users love, to look at what might happen next in the market and to be ready to disrupt yourself with a radically new product or business model. AgileNZ Conference 2017 explores the central role Agile plays in achieving the relevance, responsiveness, innovation and sustainable transformation of today's digital organisations.


The four key themes to this year's Conference are...


In our fast-changing world, keeping your business relevant means having a relentless focus on the end user. How do Agile digital skills and mindset help organisations leverage rich data, understand users better and deliver quality technology at pace?


Businesses that are 'born digital' adopt Agile methods, Lean approaches and flexible technologies as a matter of course. This allows them to 'turn on a dime' in response to user demand and competitive threat. How can we best help large, established organisations to achieve these characteristics?


Today's most advanced businesses are experimenting with ideas for a future where their organisations may not even exist. How can Agile help businesses innovate for a disruptive future, take appropriate risks, learn fast and fold that learning back into the wider business to deliver value?


Leadership teams in transformed businesses support a risk-aware climate where teams are the unit of delivery and Lean|Agile are the default approaches for delivery. How can large, legacy organisations transform to this environment, sustain it and accept change as the new normal?

We’re delighted to announce our first four keynote speakers for AgileNZ Conference 2017 – Mike Orzen, Lynne Cazaly and Rachel Davies who is speaking jointly with Liz Sedley.

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